Money Killed My Parrot!

This is something I have dealt with in my own professional life, sometimes continue to do so and also try to get across to my students! We can all benefit from this advice about money. It is a bit stark, but it is also honest. And right-on.


Money is evil
Money is a curse
Money splits friends
Money killed my parrot??!!!parrot2-290x353

I hope you are wondering how on earth it is possible for money to kill my parrot. If you can’t come up with a feasible scenario you would be right. Without a human being’s clumsy interjection, money cannot kill my parrot because it is an inanimate object. This was in fact abig fat lie! And the moral of my flimsy story is thatpeople shouldn’t make up mean stories about money because they wouldn’t like it if it were done to them!

Our Relationship With Money

In this post I want to you to look at your relationship with money to assess whether it could be holding you back from attracting enough to have it stuffed into drawers and hanging out of biscuit tins in your house.

I have touched on this in various comments…

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