AirBnB CEO on the Sharing Economy

Burning Man and the sustainability of sharing. To be fair, this is an old idea (there are networks where homes are swapped for vacations, for example) but it is always great to see the cause being supported.

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

McKinsey and Company is an ultra-high end management consulting firm. They help set the direction for the Fortune 500, and their advice in the past has included Burning Man as an example of “how to excite your customers”. They’ve just published a video interview with AirBnB founder and CEO Brian Chesky.

Two of AirBnB’s Vice Presidents sit on Burning Man’s Board of Directors, and this year they added “Black Rock City” to the 34,000 cities in 190 countries that they rent rooms in.

In the last couple of years Burning Man has hosted panel discussions and given media interviews to position themselves as part of the Sharing Economy trend. The main difference between BMOrg’s interpretation of the model and most others, is AirBnB, Uber etc share the profits. That’s what makes it an “economy”.

Later this month AirBnB and Burning Man will be giving “mind-blowing” talks at the CMX Summit in San Francisco…

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One thought on “AirBnB CEO on the Sharing Economy

  1. Thanks very much for this, Parker. I like the idea of “income streams” rather than “jobs”. I think this is the way the economy is going, because the present way, based on competition, has reached dysfunctional peak. As the article suggests, the trend in the longterm moves towards creative sharing of assets.


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